Luca Bergamaschi


Luca Bergamaschi, born in Soragna (Italien). He completed his studies at the Accademia Domenichino da Piacenza and the John Cranko School in Stuttgart. Since 2019 member of the NRW Junior Ballet.


Where are you from? Tell us about your home town or your family…
I come from Soragna, a small town near Parma in Italy where I grew up with my parents and my brother. I’m lucky I have a family that always supports me and helps me develop my passion for ballet.

When did you start to train ballet? What was your motivation to start ballet? Is there any story behind?
I’ve always had that love for movement and music, I was usually the energetic kid who never stops moving when the music plays, despite the fact that I started formal ballet training just at the age of 14, in 2013 at Accademia Domenichino da Piacenza in Italy, and continued in 2016 at the John Cranko Schule in Stuttgart. I guess I started when my need to express my feelings through movement grew stronger and stronger, it was actually a need more than a motivation.

What has been your most special moment in your dance career? Is there any moment you don’t want to miss?
One of my first experiences in Stuttgart was learning a contemporary pas de trois called “Lamento della Ninfa” by Stephen Shropshire, I’ll always be thankful for the opportunity of performing it in Poland during a Gala to which the John Cranko School had been invited.

How would you describe yourself? Where do you see yourself? In private and as an artist…
I’m a dreamer, someone who believes that hard work will always pay off, and that nothing is impossible if you have the will. I live for emotions and let them be my guide in whatever I do.

What has been your first experience in Dortmund? Why did you choose to come to Germany?
I still have yet to experience in Dortmund, but as I spent three years living in Stuttgart, I know that the ballet in Germany is highly appreciated and supported; and, as a dancer, I find this country one of the best places to work.

What is your dream? Any role or piece you would love to dance ones in your life?
My dream is to get the most out of this experience, out of every experience, I want to grow, learn and develop more and more technically and artistically, I believe we never stop learning and improving, throughout all our life. I don’t really have a dream role, but I’ve always had a thing for the emotional side of ballet rather than its technical aspects. One of my favorite roles might be Armand in The Lady of the Camelias.

Beside Dance – what are you interested in? Which profession would be interesting for you, if you haven’t become a professional dancer?
I’m interested in every form of art, I love art in general and everything that leaves an impression on you, that makes you think and wonder, that gives you an emotion, a feeling, goosebumps. I love to travel the world, see different countries, cities, cultures, I find these differences so fascinating.
I’ve always been interested in photography so if I weren’t a dancer I would have probably dedicated more time to it.


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