Leonardo Cheng


Leonardo Cheng, born in Panama City. Studies at the State Ballet School Berlin (graduation in 2019). In the season 2018/2019 one-year internship at the NRW Junior Ballet. Member of the NRW Junior Ballett as of the season 2019/2020.

Where are you from? Tell us about your home town or your family…
I’m from Panama City, Panama. My mother is American and my father is Panamanian.

When did you start to train ballet? What was your motivation to start ballet? Is there any story behind?
I took my first ballet class when I was four years old, but only actually started dancing regularly when I was six. I don’t actually quite remember why I started dancing. My older sister danced ballet, so I must have been inspired or motivated by watching her.

What has been your most special moment in your dance career? Is there any moment you don’t want to miss?
Moving to study and dance in Europe is probably the pivotal moment of my journey as a dancer so far.

How would you describe yourself? Where do you see yourself? In private and as an artist…
I’ve always had some kind of connection to art. Having a way to express myself is very important to me, and to do it on stage is very cathartic. Whether it be through dance or some other medium, I see myself maintaining that connection throughout my life.

What has been your first experience in Dortmund? Why did you choose to come to Germany?
Last season during my final year of my studies in Berlin I did an internship with the junior company in Dortmund. I decided to come to Germany, because in a dance competition in Panama I was invited to the State Ballet School in Berlin.

What is your dream? Any role or piece you would love to dance once in your life?
My dream is to be able to explore my art and express myself in way that is authentic and fulfilling to me. Any piece that allows me to do that is a dream piece to me.

Beside Dance – what are you interested in? Which profession would be interesting for you, if you haven’t become a professional dancer? Or what’s your favourite way to spend your free time?
I’ve always enjoyed science and history, although the former more on a theoretical basis than a practical one. I’m really bad at math and analysing data can get boring real quick. Besides that I enjoy a lot of music, film and photography. I like to try to produce my own songs, although I can’t say if they’re any good. Similar to a lot of people I like to read, but nowadays I spend more time than I’d like to admit on my computer.


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