Konami Omachi


Konami Omachi, born in Kyoto (Japan). Studied at Tanaka Noriko Ballet Academy and Skholé Ballet Art. 2016 Youth America Grand Prix, 2017 2nd Price at the Competition of the Royal Ballet School of Antwerps. Since 2019 member of the NRW Junior Ballet.


Where are you from? Tell us about your home town or your family…
I’m from Kyoto in Japan. Kyoto is one of the most famous cities and most popular tourist spots in Japan, and many people from far and wide come here to visit. Kyoto has many temples and shrines. They are very beautiful and venerable objects. I come from a family of 5, my mother, two sisters and one brother. There’s always something going on in my family.

When did you start to train ballet? What was your motivation to start ballet? Is there any story behind?
When I was 3 years old, I started to train ballet. Because I started to love dance at a very early age and  I often danced with my older sister. When my mother took us to the ballet school’s trial lesson, it really appealed to me and I decided then that I wanted to learn ballet.

What has been your most special moment in your dance career? Is there any moment you don’t want to miss?
My most special moment was my first performance as a professional dancer. Because this marked the moment that one of my dreams came true. The audience’s enthusiastic clapping made me happy and I was grateful to all who supported me.

How would you describe yourself?
I like to challenge myself to do new things and once I decide to do something, I do it to the end.

What has been your first experience in Dortmund? Why did you choose to come to Germany?
My first experience in Dortmund was the audition. The reason I auditioned was that I like the repertory and style of the company. When I came here for the first time, I thought Dortmund was a very beautiful city, rich in nature and the people I met here were very kind. I worked in Germany for the last season too, so I’m really happy that I can work in Germany again.

What is your dream?
I want my dance to inspire people. Because when I watched professional dancers perform for the first time, I was so moved, and wanted to be just like them.

Beside Dance – what are you interested in? Which profession would be interesting for you, if you haven’t become a professional dancer?
I’m interested in the work that goes into creating stage costumes. I like to sew and think about the potential design of clothes and costumes. Sometimes I make doll’s clothes in my free time.


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