Giacomo Altovino


Giacomo Altovino was born in 1995 in Biancavilla, Italy. He took his first dance lessons when he was only four years old, at Teatro Danza in Cremona. After further training at Universal Ballet in Biancavilla and Centro Internazionale Dietro le Quinte in Catania, he transferred to the ballet school of Hamburg Ballet to complete his studies. At the ballet competition in Catania, he won the gold medal.


Where are you from?
I’m from Biancavilla, a small town in Sicily, Italy. I have a little brother, he is so cute, and he still lives with my parents in Biancavilla.

When did you start to train ballet and what was your motivation?
I started ballet when I was four, in Cremona. I was actually enrolled at a football school for children, but because I was always dancing during practice, instead of playing football, I asked my mother whether I could go to ballet school instead.

What has been the most special moment of your dance career so far?
Every moment so far has been special. Adrenalin runs through my veins and there is this connection to the audience. This is a unique experience. One of the nicest moments was dancing John Neumeier’s choreography of Romeo and Juliet at Hamburg Ballet.

How would you describe yourself?
I would describe myself as an uncomplicated young man – lively and polite.

How was your first day in Dortmund?
My first experience was the audition for the junior company here in Dortmund. Three years ago I successfully auditioned for the ballet school of Hamburg Ballet, I graduated last year and am now in Dortmund.

What dreams do you have?
I am already living my dream… I am open for all roles and pieces; my favorites are contemporary and neo-classical choreographies.

What dreams do you have?
I love to cook and dance, and I like listening to music. If I hadn’t become a dancer, I would probably work as an actor or singer, although my voice is not the best. I love spending time with my friends and family.

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