Eliza Morozova


Born in Kherson (Ukraine). Studied at Dance Academy Serge Lifar in Kiew. Since 2020 member of the NRW Junior Ballet.

Where are you from? Tell us about your home town or your family…
I am from Kherson, which is a small city at the south of Ukraine. My parents are lawyers and I am their only child.

When did you start to train ballet? What was your motivation to start ballet? Is there any story behind?
I´ve started to do ballet professionally at the age of 16 when I´ve entered the Dance Academy named after Serge Lifar. I was already dancing before, but it wasn’t my life´s priority. I was finishing my education at the physical and mathematical lyceum when I realized that I want to be a dancer, because I really love the feeling when you can express yourself with your movements and to discover more and more the possibilities of your body and your soul.

What has been your most special moment in your dance career? Is there any moment you don’t want to miss?
Every time I go on stage is special for me. But, the audition was the most important and the most exciting.

How would you describe yourself? Where do you see yourself? In private and as an artist…
I can describe myself as a hardworking person and an introvert, but I just need some more time to open myself. I’m trying not to plan a lot for the future, because life can be very unexpected, so I just live for today.

What has been your first experience in Dortmund? Why did you choose to come to Germany?
I have never been to Dortmund before. When I was offered to become a part of the Junior Ballet in Dortmund I was very excited because it is a great opportunity for me to develop myself as a dancer in such a talented ballet troupe.

What is your dream? Any role or piece you would love to dance once in your life?
My dream is to become a sought-after dancer, to find my place, wherein I can be happy and develop myself personally and professionally. As well as to work together with creative and talented people. There are so many pieces that I’d really love to dance someday, but I think that my dream role is Giselle.

Beside Dance – what are you interested in? Which profession would be interesting for you, if you haven’t become a professional dancer? Or what’s your favourite way to spend your free time?
I love reading, learning something new and traveling. If I haven’t become a dancer, I think I would be a lawyer, just as my parents.

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