A choreographic adventure with the NRW Junior Ballet

Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, arranged by Matthias Grimminger and Henning Hagedorn

1791. Premiere of Mozart’s final opera. Sarastro and the Queen of the Night, and reason and emotion, are in conflict with each other.

1989. In Geneva, an eccentric scientist submits a concise thesis. It contains nothing less than the basic plan for the Internet.

2019. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web, the NRW Junior Ballet is presenting its latest creation. The Magic Flute meets The Matrix.

Zero hour! – The Internet shuts down, social networks collapse. Now, all there is to do: Pry your gaze from the empty screen, from the world of virtual illusions and find your way back to reality. – Is it really that easy? Tamino, for whom a life without the Internet and social media is inconceivable, and Papageno, the loner living in his “analog” world, are suddenly confronted with this very question. The Queen of the Night commands them: “Free my daughter Pamina from the clutches of Sarastro!” Yet: Is Sarastro really so evil and is his virtual palace actually a torture chamber? Or must we ourselves assume responsibility for what we make of the opportunities offered by global networking? Tamino, Pamina and Papageno will certainly find out – between hashtags and fake news. A captivating choreographic adventure that can match the intensity of any computer game!


NRW Juniorballett