The Divine Comedy: Paradiso

Ballet by Xin Peng Wang after Dante Alighieri

Music by 48nord (Ulrich Müller, Siegfried Rössert)

Mankind’s most fantastic journey began in a hopeless forest. It led the Italian Renaissance poet Dante Alighieri into the tormenting abysses of hell and over the steep hills of the Mount of Purification before the flaming wall of flames of purgatory. Now the gate of paradise will open for him …

With his wordless interpretation of the most powerful poetry in world literature, Xin Peng Wang has opened up new dimensions for the art of dance in our time and once again positioned Dortmund as an artistic driving force in the international dance world.

Paradiso crowns his unique dance trilogy in the 700th year of Dante’s death and takes us into the sphere of heaven, and even further – into outer space, where the orbits of the stars merge inseparably with the jubilation of the angels. For: „Love, it moves the sun and the stars!“

„Gripping dance theatre, even more of a Gesamtkunstwerk than Wang’s earlier ballets!“ (Ruhr Nachrichten)

„Moving images that get under your skin!“ (Online Musik Magazin)

NRW Juniorballett