Swan Lake

Ballet by Xin Peng Wang

Music by Peter Tschaikowsky (new version of 2012)

If Peter Tchaikovsky had been asked what would make him immortal, he would never have thought that his ballets would pave the path to Parnassus Swan Lake, this gateway drug to the world of dance, is now the epitome of European ballet tradition and an integral part of the cultural consciousness of the public.

“This work is a litmus test for every choreographer,” confesses Xin Peng Wang unapologetically. He has twice taken up the challenge: As a new ballet director, he presented Dortmund with a creation that pointed in a new artistic direction. Eight years later he devoted himself once again to the unique poetic cosmos of the parable of man at a crossroads: Will he follow his dream into uncertainty? Should he persevere in reality?

“What a sight! Seldom does a ballet offer such an opulent, highly elegant setting and costume design. The Milanese, Parisian and Berlin fashion designers would open their eyes,” enthused the renowned magazine Tanzwelt on the occasion of the premiere of the new version in 2012.


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