International Ballet Gala XXVIII and XXIX

They belong to Dortmund like the BVB and the U – the International Ballet Galas, with which ballet director Xin Peng Wang traditionally opens and concludes a “season of dance and joie de vivre”.

Year after year the stars of the international companies come to the Ruhr metropolis to present the many facets and shades of dance art together with the audience and to celebrate a festival of life, a festival of the senses and sensuality.

In addition to traditional forms of expression, contemporary and modern creations can be experienced time and again, which give an insight into where the art of movement is heading.

According to Xin Peng Wang, “Dortmund has become a hub of the international dance scene in the last decade. In a festive setting you can experience what adventurous new territory the art of dance of our days is heading into. Our city is the future!”

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