Faust I – Gewissen!

Ballet by Xin Peng Wang

Music by Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, Michael Daugherty a.o.

“Do you know Faust?”
Allegedly he was possessed by the devil. He got him in the night of 5th of April in the year 1540. In the tavern “Zum Löwen” in Staufen. A couple of drunken students had been around. One of them, the wicked black-magician, astrologer, miracle healer and quacksalver had made his confession. How it came that he entered an arrangement with the devil. He strived to know everything, get to know what holds the world together at its inmost folds, to know how god created this world. – Man should therefore be satisfied with nescience so that not the same will happen as to Dr. Johann Faust!

„Man errs, till he has ceased to strive…“
It starts with a bet between god and the devil. Will Mephisto succeed to corrupt a person so profoundly that he will totally lapse from the good? Inspired both from the mysticism of the Middle Ages and the iconography of today’s virtual world Xin Peng Wang tells the tragedy of a torn person, vacillating between thirst for knowledge and crises of conscience. Dance, stage and costumes are merging in magic images. Faust – a sanctimonious legend? By no means. Highly topical!

“A good man, in his darkest yearning, is still aware of virtue’s ways”


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NRW Juniorballett