Teaching Dance

One central element of the NRW JUNIOR BALLET is the development of individual productions. The artistic challenges, creative processes and the collaboration with prestigious choreographers play an important part when creating performances.

Some productions can specifically address a young audience, while others are developed specifically for touring shows, or for special venues. Guest performances at schools, youth centers, retirement homes, correctional facilities – to name a few – are meant to fascinate and inspire those who do not usually come into contact with the art of dancing.

The NRW JUNIOR BALLET considers itself a young and flexible dance group that increases the range of dance events for young people, and makes the art of dancing available to a broader public. Young artists dance for a young audience.

Composed of dancers from different cultures, the NRW JUNIOR BALLET sets an example for intercultural understanding and equality. It proves that art is an instrumental part of our society’s diversity; it is not the lowest common denominator, but the greatest common multiple.

With the NRW JUNIOR BALLET, the mediation of dance in the Ballettzentrum at “Dortmunder Westfalenpark” is permanently and lastingly institutionalized.

NRW Juniorballett